Our Services

The Groups' flagship company controls the warehousing and logistics properties, with the main bulk of its transactions in sea forwarding, trucking and delivery, and warehouse leasing and management.


Shipment of cargo are classified into three types:
1. Full cargo load (FCL) wherein there is one customer and one consignee.
2. Cross docking, wherein there is one customer and multiple consignees.
3. Less Cargo Load (LCL) consolidation, wherein there are multiple customers and multiple consignees.

Cargoes that require sea forwarding are goods that are large in volume per shipment, such as products of Nestle Philippines, Energizer Philippines, Unilever Philippines, Wyeth Philippines, SM Incorporated, Concecion Carrier Air-conditioning, Abbott Laboratories, Concepcion Industries, Getz Brothers, Petron, Purefoods-Hormel Company Incorporated, Republic Chemicals Incorporated, Sharp Philippines, Chlorox International Philippines, sent to provinces all over the country.

As part of the forwarding business, this service handles deliveries from customer to consignee via land to and from different parts of the country.

For various clients, Fast Cargo Logistics Corporation provides warehousing services: management fee with profit margin, rental fee, and a combination of both management and rental fee. Notable clients include Nestle Philippines, Energizer Philippines, Wyeth Philippines, General Milling Corporation; Consolidated Food Corporation/Universal Robina Corporation; Philippine Seven, South Asia Foods Incorporated, and Alaska Milk Corporation, whose warehouse locations are spread throughout the country.

FastPak Global Express Corporation manages mails, packages, and other express forwarding needs of customers. The company provides air express delivery for cargoes, boxes, and pouches, and it is the delivery arm for balikbayan boxes and peso remittances of Fastpak International in Los Angeles, New York, Hongkong, Hawaii, and Australia. 

Fast Services Corporation serves as the warehousing management specialist for Metro Manila key accounts, such as the state-of-the-art Nestle South Distribution Center in Laguna, its North Distribution Center in Bulacan, and its Mega Distribution Center in Cagayan de Oro; South Asia Foods, Incorporated; Philippine Seven Corporation; Energizer Philippines; UFC-Heinz; and Colgate-Palmolive. The business handles inter-warehouse transfers for food, consumer, pharmaceuticals, personal care, appliances, beverages, batteries, and industrial products, as well as, general cargoes.

A timely product distribution and marketing expert and the newest addition to the Fast Logistics Group. The company's core business is retail and merchandise distribution, with Nestlé Philippines Smart Communications, and South Asia Foods, Incorporated as its major clients. The Company distributes the goods to supermarkets, grocery stores, mini marts, mini grocery stores, convenience stores, bakeshops, hotels, motels, restaurants, carenderias, market stalls, sari-sari stores, school canteens, cooperatives, market jobbers, refreshment parlors and coffee shops.

FastPak International Forwarding Corporation provides air express delivery for balikbayan boxes and peso remittances of Fastpak International in Los Angeles, New York, Hongkong, Hawaii, and Australia.