About Us

Fast Logistics provides a high level of service integration (sea freight, air freight, inland freight, trucking, warehouse leasing and management, distribution and trading, money remittance, and to some extent, shipping) to its multinational clientele, giving it a definite edge over its competitors.  It caters to all the logistics needs of customers from the point of origin to the point of destination, sparing them the burden of choosing different local service providers to do the logistics services for them on a national scale. 

It is a major player in the logistics industry.  Currently, it has among its clientele, leading food and consumer product companies in the country.  Contract-based partnerships with these prestige accounts and multinational firms have been firmly established. 

Its wide network coverage of the archipelago gives it a plus factor.  Its branches are located in the most strategic places in the country, in more than thirty cities and ports.  It practically covers the entire Philippines. Moreover, it has linkage with shipping companies and airlines for guaranteed slot allocations in its vessels and flights to all destinations. 

It has invested in state-of-the-art warehouse infrastructure, facilities, and equipment.  It has also invested in information technology enterprise resource systems for its front line operations and backroom support functions to insure that service is provided efficiently and effectively to its customers.

Fast Logistics is owned by the Chiongbian Family and has been in existence for thirty-two years (as of 2007). It has already carved a name on its own and established its unique niche in the market.

FASTCARGO LOGISTICS CORPORATION, founded 1976, is the flagship company and it holds the largest part of the group’s infrastructure and carries a full range of services nationwide in terms of sea freight, air freight, inland freight, warehousing, and warehouse management; with extensive coverage in the Visayas and Mindanao area.  It owns and operates substantially all of the distribution centers of multinational companies in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.

FAST SERVICES CORPORATION, founded 1990, is a warehouse management specialty outfit for key accounts in Luzon. It has exclusive ownership and operation of the distribution centers of multinational companies.

FAST DISTRIBUTION CORPORATION, founded 2002, provides exclusive and multi-line distribution of products of multinational companies to secondary and tertiary accounts in major cities nationwide.